JIM is the ideal snack to the pocket, which you can indulge at any time of the day and in addition without remorse. 🙂 Whether you are at work,
at home or on the road.

Premium, lightly smoked meat produced in the Czech Republic.

You will enjoy a natural source of energy in your pocket. Make sure!

Why JIM?

Do you look for quality products with a real taste of meat? JIM is made only from carefully selected lean meat pieces. And it contains a minimum amount of fat.


Ideal snack to the pocket

The dried meat is the natural source of protein. JIM is the ideal source of energy with a high nutritional value. Thanks to it, it will give the energy necessary for sports, on the road and in moments of fun and relaxation.

For whom is JIM intended?

For everyone, who cares about healthy lifestyle and likes meat.

The best parts of lean meat
thinly sliced
marinated using carefully selected ingredients

Protein is very important in sport

But it is necessary not only for sportsmen,
but absolutely for everyone. Protein is not just for bodybuilders to grow muscles. Proteins are important for building and regeneration of all tissues. The lack
of protein is responsible for the feeling of hunger        or tempestuous sweet tooth. The body signals are therefore very distinct.

Be through with sweet tooth forever

Protein deficiency can manifest itself in various ways – The most common manifestation is increased sense
of hunger and a sweet tooth. As if the body tried to tell us, that something is missing and “hurries us”
from the fridge to the pantry. The consequence
of inadequate protein intake is also a loss of muscle mass. Because the organism necessarily needs proteins, it takes it from the muscles. The loss
of muscle mass is subsequently associated
with a decrease in basal metabolism (energy expenditure required for preservation of basic life processes). If the protein intake is insufficient
for a long time, it leads to immune disorders, swelling
and poor healing of grazes and wounds occur.

Optimal protein intake

In order to achieve the optimal protein intake, it is necessary to include protein with every meal, respectively at least incorporate it into your diet.
We recommend choosing meals rich in protein,
such as a protein porridge or wholemeal bread
with cottage cheese spread. Equally, the snacks
in the forms of fruits or vegetables are usually insufficient. The afternoon is long and it is necessary
to fill up more – to add protein. A piece of cheese
with wholemeal baked goods, protein stick or dried meat/jerky. Therefore, in order to live healthy and feel fit, we need to be careful about sufficient protein intake. And beware, this also applies to children!